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Learn French by nurturing yourself

Nomads Global Studios presents the online learning program MyFrenchSelf by Freddie Elies, a fresh new take on learning one of the world's most beloved languages (expanding your horizons in the process).

Spoken in all five continents and ranked the sixth most widely spoken language in the world, the French language has always been a favorite among language lovers, who often praise its richness, beauty…and even its sexiness.

MyFrenchSelf founder and Nomads Global Studios content manager, Freddie Elies--a native Frenchman and longtime Parisian now living in Madrid, Spain--is a former lawyer who now entirely dedicates himself to his passion of teaching French. Convinced that the key to making long-lasting progresses is to respect the student’s individuality, Freddie adopts a student-focused, holistic approach tailored to the students’ needs and objectives.

MyFrenchSelf's online classes have two main objectives: 1) Making French accessible to anyone, whatever her/his initial level, and 2) providing a safe online environment to allow students to learn French, its vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar (or improve their level) by expressing their interests and passions in French, thus rooting the language at a deep level within themselves, as a part of their identity, of their own self.

MyFrenchSelf online classes are aimed at everyone, whatever their age, level and objectives. You can enroll to the program by emailing and scheduling an initial interview with Freddie.

Program Rates

  • 24 USD per class if you book 5 classes

  • 22.5$per class if you book 10 classes

  • 20$ per class if you book 20 classes

  • 18$ per class if you book 40 classes.

Enrollment payments can done via PayPal, TransferWise, or bank transfer. To know more about MyFrenchSelf, follow

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