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Moving to Madrid to teach English: A dream that could come true.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Travel media & community, The Nomads, offers a practical career and lifestyle advice for non-Europeans who dream of studying, working and living in Europe.

“I have turned my life around and it was the best decision I have ever taken” says James, a Metro Manila native, now in his second year in Madrid. “I have always dreamed of moving to Europe, especially Spain, probably because of the Spanish heritage we have in the Philippines, but I would never have thought I could make that dream real until a friend told me about the TtMadrid visa program.”

The Nomads travel media has partnered with the Teacher Training Madrid (TtMadrid) academy to promote its four-week accredited Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course, which makes it possible to live and teach in Madrid with a one-year university student visa. It’s the perfect opportunity for a full immersion in one of Europe’s most exciting city. Moreover, The Nomads provides special perks for new TtMadrid students from non-European Union countries.

Get support every step of the way

TtMadrid’s one-year visa program, also known as the “Spanish and Teaching Abroad Program”, combines an internationally accredited TEFL certification with intensive Spanish classes. It welcomes native English speakers and bilinguals from all corners of the world, and in addition, to a solid and comprehensive training. It also provides them with a place they can call home.

“The philosophy of TtMadrid”, says the academy’s founder and director Natasha Mason Kennedy, “is that we support the students in every aspect of their lives.” It goes from the academy’s invaluable assistance while going through the process of obtaining a student’s visa to finding an accommodation in Madrid, setting up a bank account, buying a phone, but also finding the best tapas in town!

“If it wasn’t for TtMadrid, my journey would have been a thousand times harder”, says Laura, an ex-graduate from Scotland. “They are not just a school, they’re like a family unit, and that’s something really valuable when you’re so many thousands of miles away from yours!”.

Of course, there is the TEFL program itself, a four-week intensive course that provides students with all the necessary tools to be successful while teaching English in Spain.

“There is no doubt that it is a very demanding course”, James admits, “but at the end of the four weeks, I was feeling fully prepared to give high-quality classes.” It didn’t take James a long time to find out whether it was true since, like all of TtMadrid graduates, he lined up several teaching jobs almost immediately after the end of the program—thanks to the school’s daily job alerts and assistance in finding work with companies and agencies offering legal contractual agreements.

A teacher’s life

Teaching general English or business English in academies or in companies, helping prepare language certificates or just giving conversation classes, working with children or adults: The spectrum of possibilities is large. But whatever the graduates’ preferences are, TtMadrid prides itself on its 100% job placement success. Kate, a graduate from the US, points out how much she appreciated to be able to get an insider’s look (not to mention useful connections) into typically Spanish work environments. “I currently teach in-company classes in big companies, as well as private classes with doctors, lawyers, financial advisors and accountants. I love the constant change and challenge of teaching English to this array of professionals.”

Make your life in Spanish

But the experience is not only about work, it is also about enjoying the chance to get completely immersed in a different culture and learn a new language. Intensive Spanish classes, delivered by TtMadrid’s Spanish counterpart—La Aventura Española Madrid (LAEMadrid)—are a crucial part of the program.

“Our teachers at LAEMadrid share TtMadrid’s approach to teaching, which is both fun and dynamic, but with a real academic backbone”, says Natasha.

Mastering the language makes it easier for graduates to dive into the vibrant life of the city, its rich food culture, and its colorful party scene. Madrid’s central position in Spain is ideal to travel around Spain, and also Europe, and discover the huge diversity and fascinating history of the old continent.

An unforgettable experience

“I can’t even begin to list all the benefits I have been deriving from this experience”, James says. “I have travelled to my bucket-list destinations, I have gained valuable work experience, I have made friends from all around the world, and I have shared my passion for teaching the English language.” His plans for the future? “I want to stay here at least one more year and work on my Spanish fluency. There’s so much to learn in Spain, especially the many connections this country has with Filipino culture—food, religion, fiestas, among many customs. It feels like home.”

A special offer for new students from non-European Union countries

Agency collective Nomads Global Studios, through its travel media & community The Nomads, has recently partnered with TtMadrid in providing the best career and lifestyle advice for interested enrollees from non-European countries. Interested individuals can inquire about the Spanish and Teaching Abroad Program, which includes applying for a one-year Spanish university student visa, by contacting or through social media: or

By using the enrollment code “NOMADS” when they inquire and sign up at TtMadrid, new students can enjoy free airport pick-up upon their arrival as well as a special walking tour of Madrid. For more information, log on to

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