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Remitly Scholars Program supports over 500 students in the Philippines

Did you know that since 2014, Remitly has provided over $240,000 to more than 500 students in the Philippines?

As part of its mission to help immigrants and their families, the company introduced the Remitly Scholars Program which offers scholarships to students to help them pay for their education costs. To date, over 500 students in the Philippines have benefitted from the program and have been able to achieve higher education. Remitly employees send funding using the remittance service so students in the Philippines receive their money safely each month and on time to cover their university expenses.

Among the scholars is Jomyka, a student at the University of the Philippines working on her bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering. On her final year, Jomyka spent her summer in a 2-month long plant practice at Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation in Benguet and Remitly was able to help Jomyka purchase her own safety gear and equipment. The practice allowed Jomyka to gain experience in mining operations, mineral processing in the mill plant, and the general ins and outs of working for a mining company.

Thousands of Remitly customers make the huge sacrifice of leaving everything behind to move to a new country to work and earn more so they can provide their loved ones with a better future. Through the Remitly Scholars Program, the company is proud to join them by helping assist these students as they work toward achieving their dreams and providing a better future for young people in the Philippines.

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